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You Have questions, We have answers

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  • Does it cost anything to use Foozzam?
    No, Foozzam is a free app. There are no membership fees. You only pay for items you buy. You are never obligated to purchase any offer from any vendor.
  • How do I know if there is any food deal available now?
    There are a number of ways to determine if there is anything around you offering food. The easiest is to open the app and use the "What's Near me" button to see a list of vendors with items available or click the map. Only Vendors within your Geo-target area will be visible. Of course you will also get real-time notifications anytime a vendor is heading your way with food.
  • Will you deliver to my door?
    Unfortunately, in most cases vehicle operators are not allowed to leave the the vehicle unattended. This means you need to meet your arriving vehicle at the designated pick up spot. In most case this is right out front your home or apartment building (Curbside). In some cases, where a group of people have ordered in a very close area, such as a college dorm, or highrise building, there may be a Group pick up spot.
  • How can I get more vendors to offer deals in my area?
    Our system monitors the number of registered user in the area and creates "Heat Maps" where vendors can be the most efficient. The more registered users in your area, the more vendors will want to deliver there. That's why we say "the power is in the numbers". Get your firends and neighbors to download the app!! This is the fastest way to ensure more deals and savings.

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