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Become Part of the Revolution

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You Don't Need To Own A Restaurant To Be Part Of The Revolution

Foozzam For Entrepreneurs

Just because you don't own a food serivce establishment doesn't mean you have to miss out on this exciting new revolution. Many restaurants and other establishments don't have the time or resources to spend learning new systems or business models. The could use your help. By learning the Foozzam platform, you can become a marketing professional and assist these companies in expanding sales and reach. Here are some of the ways you can be your own boss with the Foozzam platform:

  • Provide expanded delivery services to restaurants - Make your own deals with local places to help them offer food to targeted areas. Maybe you help them move excess food, or service areas not close to their current service market. The possibilities are endless. Be your own Grubhub/Door Dash and service your own small market (local community).

  • Offer Marketing services - offer to help local companies by handling the Geo-targeting for them. Craft and design geo-targeted notifications for them.

  • Sell your own stuff - There are many Non-perishable food and convenience items you can sell to your local community. Things like "Movie Night" packages with bags filled with chips, dips, candy and popcorn could be very popular on Friday and Saturday nights. With theaters closed, movies on the couch have become the new date night.

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