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Innovation is our business

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The Future of Food Service Starts With Foozzam

Foozzam Mobility Platform

Whether you need simple delivery system, or a complete autonomous food service solution, Foozzam was built to meet your specific needs. Foozzam's platform was designed for all types of mobility business models from multipoint delivery to route services to static walk-up self service. Foozzam can do it all. Watch this video to learn more about our vision of the future.

Automated, No Contact Devices

We are already developing the next generation of automated food service devices. Our Foozzam App was deigned from the ground up to support rapid, self-service devices. We have solutions for hot and cold food. The world has changed and no contact, fast service are more important than ever. If you do carryout... YOU NEED US!!!  Learn More


Hardware/Software Developers

Attention developers, get in on the future or automated food service. Our pre-built hardware and software solutions let you fast-track development of your own hardware. Build powerful service solutions without worrying about connectivity or sales integration. It's all done for you already. Become an approved Foozzam Hardware Developer today!. Learn More


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