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Community Based Delivery Is HEre

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The Power Is In The Numbers

What is Community Based Delivery? Think of it as an exclusive membership for you and your neighbors, and its going to save you money, time, and a lot of headaches!

In simple terms, Community Based delivery turns your local neighborhood into a Virtual Buying group!

As a Buying Group, local restaurants, and other food related businesses benefit from a lot of orders in a very small area!


What does this mean? …It means Better Efficiency for them! And those benefits are passed on to you!


Foozzam vendors never charge delivery fees, and you don’t tip the driver. The price you see is the only price you pay. Considering the average delivery order has 6 to 10 dollars in added fees. That’s real savings!


Wanna start saving now??


Simply download the App! And get your neighbors to download it too! The more people in your neighborhood buying group the more deals you’ll receive!


Foozzam, the future of food delivery... Is Now!

© 2020 Foozzam Inc

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