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So Many Ways To Leverage The Foozzam Platform

Foozzam For Food Service

Are you a restaurant, food truck, caterer, or home-based food business? We need you!! Currently our focus is on the Raleigh/Durham area but don't let that stop you. Foozzam is ready to serve any area of the country. If you have a community you can serve, we are here to help. Pre-registration is going on now so contact us ASAP and start increasing your sales today! Learn More

Foozzam For Entrepreneurs

Tired of taking orders for someone else. Start your own Foozzam Marketing/Delivery service today. There are many small restaurants in your area that need your help. The Foozzam platform was designed to let you become your own food delivery company (why let Grubhub and UberEats get all the action). We can show you how to work with local businesses to be an indispensable service in these trying times. Contact us and become a Foozzam Professional Today. Learn More

Foozzam For Innovation

The Future of food service is Automated, No Contact service devices. Foozzam's hardware development arm can create a custom food service device for your restaurant, bar, hotel or even your mobile vehicle. Give your customers faster, safer and more convenient service while boosting sales and lowering operating costs. It's a WIN-WIN!! Learn More

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