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We Don't Compete, We Enhance

It doesn't matter what type of food business you are in, Foozzam can help. Our Community-Based Delivery model can help any type of business reach more customers, sell more product and enhance efficiency. Foozzam doesn't replace your current business, we are a way to reach new customers, sell more food, and speed up service. Below are just a few examples:

Foozzam For Restaurants

Move Excess Product: Getting near the end of the day and having a lot of food you need to throw away is just wasted profit. Using Foozzam Geo-targeted marketing, you can offer end of day sales to nearby customers and reap final hour rewards.

Supercharged Carryout: Most restaurants have periods of time where business booms and service lags. Use Foozzam to speed up service by allowing customers to purchase most popular items before they arrive. Double Lunchtime revenue without adding another employee. Add to this our new line of Automated Food service devices and watch your carryout sales go through the roof.

Extend Your Reach: Need more customers? Simply expanding your delivery area is not always the best decision. Drivers must drive further and are out longer. Service can suffer. Foozzam, allows you to target an area and drive multiple orders in a cluster making it more efficient and cost effective to service new areas.

Foozzam For Caterers

There's never been a tougher time for caterers. With most events cancelled for the foreseeable future, your business is in real jeopardy. Foozzam can help! Because Foozzam leverages group buying, we are the ideal platform for catering. Make full meals, or mass produce family sized favorites like Lasagna, meatloaf and more. Then load up and use Foozzam's powerful geo-targeting to concentrate your sales. Its like creating a Virtual Event!!

Foozzam For Food Trucks

Lose the Lines: Your mobility gives you an edge. You can already locate close to customers. But in the end, your "Order, Make, Pickup" model limits the number of people you can serve. Long lines waiting to order (usually in a time constrained customer base), then waiting for the food to be made can drive away sales. Foozzam can drive more sales in a faster time frame. Let your customers purchase ready-made favorites from their table and get notified when it's ready eliminating the lines.


Drive impulse buying: You have a limited time before you need to move on. Make the most by sending special deals to people to your nearby customers and drive last minute sales. 

Create Virtual Markets: Your bread and butter business (offices, bars, outdoor events) is currently suffering or non-existent. Using Foozzam, you can locate your vehicle in populated areas like apartment complexes and dorms and drive traffic to you. Create special pre-made deals and sell out before you arrive. With Community Based Delivery, every community becomes a market.

Foozzam For Retail

Any place people gather is a place Foozzam can make its mark. Office Buildings, Grocery Stores, Bars, Pubs, outdoor events. We have designed a line of retail self service devices that can make the difference between customers staying or leaving. Check out out. Learn More

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