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The Future is No Contact, Self Service

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Connected Devices for Food Service

The world of food service is changing. Environment ad health concerns are altering the food service paradigm and Foozzam is here to help. Our devices are ideal for a world that is requiring safer, more convenient options. Here are jut a few places our devices can work:

  • Grocery Store Porticos - Grocery stores are already jumping on the convenience bandwagon with curbside pickup, food lockers and more. Our devices expand on that by allowing consumers to grab hot pizza, wings and more without having to navigate the store checkout counter.

  • Carry Supercharge - Speed up carry out during peak times by offering the most common items ready-made. No need to add counter staff, and watch satisfaction go through the roof.

  • Bars and Pubs - Stickiness is a problem in bars and pubs that don't sell food. Stop losing your clientele by offering ready to eat items.

  • Hotels/Resorts - Your travelers rely on delivery for a lot of their meals making your front entrance a revolving door of delivery drivers. Now you can offer hot food (pizza wings etc) right in the lobby. No tipping, no delivery fees will make your travelers return time and again. 

  • Convenience Stores/Gas Station - More and more your local gas station has become a full fledged convenience center offering great food, and other items. But usually there is limited checkout staff which makes having to wait in line much less convenient. Offering hot Grab-and-go items from our device gives you an edge on the competition.

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